Marie-Neige Cloutier-Vallée

Marie-Neige Cloutier-Vallée

Associate and residential real estate broker

WHO IS Marie-Neige?

She’s an original and straightforward person, who brings a unique and authentic touch to her approach to the business. She understands that customers are looking for a personalized, memorable experience, and always strives to find creative ways to meet their needs.

Marie-Neige is determined to help her real estate brokers succeed. She encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and explore new methods and more. She provides them with practical tools and regular training to help them develop professionally and achieve their goals.

Despite her position, she remains straightforward and accessible. She listens to her customers and our real estate brokers, offering practical advice and encouragement while remaining open to suggestions and feedback. She embodies a unique and authentic approach, while providing practical advice and ongoing support to all those who work with her.